In the heart of the Strip District, Chicken Latino is a great place to meet!
En pleno Strip District, Chicken Latino es perfecto para su cita o reunión.

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Chicken Latino's WEEKEND SPECIALS!

Always known for our signature Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken, every weekend Chicken Latino serves even more Peruvian specialty dishes, in addition to our regular menu items. Also, be sure to see our other specials announced on our Facebook page!

SLOW ROAST PORK with two side dishes (lechón) . . . . . . .

$ 8.99

Popular down through the ages in Spain and its former American colonies,Lechón, features a muy delicioso blend of garlic, oregano, salt, lime juice, onion and green pepper.

CEVICHE -- fresh Tilapia cured with lime juice and served over a bed of lettuce.

$ 10.99

While many countries may claim ceviche as their own, Peruvian ceviche has a unique flavor not to be missed! Also try our mixed seafood ceviche de mariscos.

ANTICUCHOS DE POLLO Peruvian chicken kebabs, and one side dish.

$ 6.50

Be sure to ask about our anticuchos de corazón -- beef heart kebabs!


$ 8.99

Spanish rice (yellow), black beans, premium steak fries, and creamy coleslaw.

Of course, our regular menu is also available on weekends.

News and Reviews

Chicken Latino in the press:

Mr. Munch in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The signature dish is a rotisserie-style chicken, marinated overnight with Peruvian spices and peppers, cumin and paprika, and cooked in a traditional brick oven, as is done in Peru. Chickens can be purchased in quarters, halved and wholes. Munch had half a chicken with a side of black beans and Spanish rice ($8.50) and the only regret Munch has is not ordering the other half as well. It was muy delicioso. A nice mixture of a smoky and zesty kind of a flavor. Read Mr. Munch's full review.

Colleen van Tassell in the Pittsburgh City Paper:

Since opening the restaurant in August, Shelbin Santos' pollo a la brasa has created a buzz. During my recent Saturday-afternoon visit, a man from Washington, D.C., sat at one of the 10 tables in the Strip District restaurant and raved about the quality and taste of the cooking.

"What a nice blend of spices," the man gushed, who had heard about the pollería -- chicken joint -- through a friend. "I've had Peruvian-style chicken at many places and I'm very impressed." Read the full City Paper review.

The Trib Live Things to Do:

Pittsburgh's only pollería - quick-serve chicken joint - serves up Peruvian-style, wood-fired and deliciously seasoned rotisserie chicken. Besides the bird, hamburgers and the occasional special (pork, ceviche), sides include such south-of-the border staples as plantains, refried beans, fried yucca MORE